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Even that: Spitsbergen screensaver

How cool is that: an arctic screensaver! The next-best thing after actually being there is having the Arctic on the screen. Get the Spitsbergen screensaver now! The product description is German, but the screensaver does not inlcude any language beyond placenames, so it doesn’t matter as soon as you have got it in the screen.

The screensaver includes 133 stunning images of the arctic scenery of Jan Mayen and Spitsbergen, taken from a fascinating aerial perspective. The selection is based on the photos featured in the photo book Aerial Arctic.

Spitsbergen screensaver

Arctic online: the Spitsbergen screensaver.

Click here for further information about the arctic screensaver – it has never been so good to hang out in front of the screen!

Spitsbergen screensaver

133 fascinating aerial images of Jan Mayen and Spitsbergen.

The bad news is: the screensaver is for PC computers only. It won’t work on other operating systems such as Apple etc.

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