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Even that: Spits­ber­gen screen­saver

How cool is that: an arc­tic screen­saver! The next-best thing after actual­ly being the­re is having the Arc­tic on the screen. Get the Spits­ber­gen screen­saver now! The pro­duct descrip­ti­on is Ger­man, but the screen­saver does not inlcu­de any lan­guage bey­ond pla­ce­n­a­mes, so it doesn’t mat­ter as soon as you have got it in the screen.

The screen­saver inclu­des 133 stun­ning images of the arc­tic sce­ne­ry of Jan May­en and Spits­ber­gen, taken from a fasci­na­ting aeri­al per­spec­ti­ve. The selec­tion is based on the pho­tos fea­tured in the pho­to book Aeri­al Arc­tic.

Spitsbergen screensaver

Arc­tic online: the Spits­ber­gen screen­saver.

Click here for fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on about the arc­tic screen­saver – it has never been so good to hang out in front of the screen!

Spitsbergen screensaver

133 fasci­na­ting aeri­al images of Jan May­en and Spits­ber­gen.

The bad news is: the screen­saver is for PC com­pu­ters only. It won’t work on other ope­ra­ting sys­tems such as Apple etc.

By the way, my new book is in print and it can now be orde­red 🙂 it is a pho­to book with the tit­le “Nor­we­gens ark­ti­scher Nor­den (3): Die Bären­in­sel und Jan May­en”, with Ger­man text Click here for fur­ther details!



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