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Polar bears like reindeer

Recenty, a surprising observation has been made in Wijdefjord (central Spitsbergen), when a polar bear killed a reindeer – so far, it has largely been assumed that polar bears eat dead or injured reindeer, but don’t hunt animals that are in good shape. This raises the question if the observed behaviour is really as rare as assumed (although this was not the very first observation of its kind) or if it is more common.

Should it turn out that polar bears are actually able to catch reindeer, then this might be an advantage for the bears in case their main habitat, the drift ice, continues to shrink due to climate change.

Polar bear on land: prefers reindeer over stones.

Polar bears like reindeer

Source: Tommy Sandal (Austfjordnes/Wijdefjord), published in Svalbardposten

last modification: 2014-07-01 · copyright: Rolf Stange