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SvalSat-satellite station near Longyearbyen

SvalSat, based on Platåberget near Longyearbyen, was installed in 1996/97 as a base station to receive data from satellites in polar orbits. The combination of good infrastructure of near-by Longyearbyen and the position close to the pole make SvalSat unique and an important link in the chain of global satellite systems. Currently, there are 16 minor and larger antennas standing on Platåberget, but the number is to be enlarged soon. Major demand is expected when the European satellite-based navigation system “Galileo” will be established in a few years, providing an alternative to the US military-controlled GPS.

The Norwegian Antarctic station Troll will serve a similar purpose in the southern hemisphere. 

Antennas of SvalSat on Platåberg near Longyearbyen (photo: Michelle van Dijk).

SvalSat-satellite station near Longyearbyen

Source: Svalbardposten No 2, 2009

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