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Norwegian whaling season has started

The Norwegian whale hunting season 2012 has started a few days ago. 20 ships share a quota of 1286 Minke whales. Last year’s quota was similar, but “only” 533 whales were brought in due to the small demand and difficulties to sell the meat and other products.

The first catchers are on their way and have already harpooned several whales around Bear Island. Bear Island belongs to Spitsbergen (Svalbard), where strict regulations apply for tourism – in contrast to this, whaling does not seem to be a problem for Norwegian authorities, a perspective not shared by environmentalists.

Whale catcher with mounted harpoon gun. The foto shows the Petrel, a wreck beached in South Georgia that has not been used for decades. The technique is, however, still the very same.

Norwegian whaling season has started - Harpoon gun

Source: Finnmarkdagbladet

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