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Bear Island will get its own “port”

Bear Island (Bjørnøya), situated half way between Skandinavia and Spitsbergen, has always had a bad reputation for difficult landing conditions: the island does not have any harbours or well sheltered fjords. Landings and any transport by boat are accordingly highly depending on weather conditions.

The situation is supposed to see some improvement for the Norwegian weather station on the north coast of Bear Island. A 26 metre long concrete wave breaker is supposed to make boat operations on the small pier easier. Construction work is scheduled to start in late July 2012. Currently, the pier can not be used during heavy weather.

Ships will, however, have to stay at anchor off the coast. Small boats will have to be used for any ship-to-shore operations also in the future, when construction works have been completed.

The current “port” at the weather station on Bear Island on a rare fairweather day.

Bear Island will get its own port - Bjørnøya Radio

Source: Folkebladet

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