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Svolvær – or Svalbard…?

An American lady was more than just a bit surprised when she found out where she actually was in the airport of Longyearbyen. She had intended to travel up to Svolvær, the main settlement in Lofoten, a group of islands off the coast of north Norway.

The reason for the not so little detour was the similarity between the words “Svolvær” and “Svalbard”, as the Norwegians commonly call Spitsbergen. The lady had asked the travel agency for a ticket to Svolvær but got one to Svalbard, without anyone taking notice of the difference. She was a bit surprised about the passport control in Tromsø, but did not pay any further attention to it.

She said she enjoyed her 2 days in the high arctic after the first surprise, until a seat on a flight back was available.

Svalbard (yellow circle) and Svolvær (red): a little difference.

Svolvær or Svalbard - Svalbard map

Source: Svalbardposten (2112)

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