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Spitsbergen-tourism: growth in certain parts

Tourism in Spitsbergen is on the growth in certain parts. Especially the number of large cruise ship passengers has increased significantly from 24,000 (2011) to 42,000 (2012). The figures had dropped significantly in the years of the crisis following 2007.

The number of overnights in hotels in Longyearbyen has been more or less stable for a couple of years, ranging between 83,000 and 89,000. Compared to early 2012, the hotel business is currently quite happy. One important reason is said to be the airline Norwegian, which started to fly to Longyearbyen again recently. The competition with SAS has led to more affordable seats on flights to Longyearbyen, an important bottleneck for almost all tourism in Svalbard.

The numbers of those venturing out into remoter parts on their own has always been fluctuating to some degree, between 400 and 750, without any clear trend. The same goes for snow mobile tourism, which depends on the duration of the season, which again depends on the weather in late April and early May and is accordingly impossible to predict.

Such and similar figures can be read in the tourism statistics, recently published by the Sysselmannen.

“Costa Magica”, 2009 in Longyearbyen. Until then, with 3400 passengers the biggest the biggest cruise ship in Spitsbergen.

Spitsbergen-tourism: growth in certain parts: Costa Magica

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