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Spitsbergen panorama photography

The ongoing arctic winter season has, so far, turned out to be very productive from a photographic perspective. Next to a high number of conventional images, more than 50 360 degree panoramic shots have been taken and published so far during a couple of weeks. These photos give the impression to stand in the middle of the landscape, which can be moved on the screen to all directions. This is the beginning of a project which aims at a more comprehensive documentation of landscapes all over the Svalbard archipelago.

The panorama images can be seen free of any charge on this website, either through a map which sorts the panoramas geographically, according to where they were taken. Or in the travel reports/photo gallery section. Enjoy!

The yellow dots indicate the locations where panorama images are available so far. Click here to view the map with the links..

Spitsbergen-Panorama - Map

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