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Guidebook “Spitsbergen-Svalbard”: book review

A very positive book review for the guidebook “Spitsbergen-Svalbard” has recently been published in the Czech Polar Reports, a periodical for polar research. The author, Miloš Barták, is Professor for Biology at the Masaryik-University in Brno (Czech Republic). Amongst others, he writes:

“Thanks to his personal experience with Svalbard, the author wrote an excellent guide …”.

“I would like to point out the precise description of plants and animals that follows a well-designed scheme”.

“Substantial part of the book deals with history, geology and geography of Svalbard. I find it very useful because there are many information attracting both travellers and polar research professionals. For each important location, detailed information of the history of discovery and/or settlement is given …”

“Throughout the book, there are many positive features that … pushes the book from a standard turist guide to a higher quality.”

“… the book is not only a perfect turist guide attracting people to come and see but also a comprehensive source of information for professionals in polar science who may use it for logistic and field works planning. It could be also recommended to university students of geology, biology, and ecology of polar regions,…”

The full review is published here: Barták, M. (2013): R. Stange (2012): Spitsbergen / Svalbard. A complete guide around the Arctic archipelago. Book Review. Czech Polar Reports, 3: 78 – 79.

Spitsbergen-Svalbard: this guidebook has recently received a very positive review in the Czech Polar Reports.

Guidebook Spitsbergen Svalbard: book review

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