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Polar bear dead after ana­es­the­ti­sa­ti­on by sci­en­tists (II)

In Sep­tem­ber, a polar bear was found dead on Edgeøya after having been ana­es­the­ti­sa­ted two days ear­lier by sci­en­tists from the Nor­we­gi­an Polar Insti­tu­te. The bear had suf­fo­ca­ted, most likely after having chan­ged its posi­ti­on while still under influ­ence of the anesthe­tics from a safe side­ways posi­ti­on (see spitsbergen-svalbard.com news from Sep­tem­ber). Ana­es­the­ti­sa­ted polar bears are not fur­ther moni­to­red after sci­en­ti­fic inves­ti­ga­ti­ons are finis­hed, so the­re is always a latent risk of suf­fo­ca­ti­on or pre­da­ti­on by other bears.

The case of the dead polar bear from Edgeøya in Sep­tem­ber is now clo­sed by the Sys­sel­man­nen as a legal­ly not rele­vant inci­dent.

The sci­en­ti­fic work on polar bears which invol­ves fol­lowing them with heli­co­p­ters and ana­es­the­ti­sa­ti­on is car­ri­ed out in Spits­ber­gen on a lar­ge sca­le, as it enjoys poli­ti­cal sup­port from the Nor­we­gi­an government. Most bears obser­ved in Spits­ber­gen by tou­rists by now car­ry visi­ble signs of such sci­en­ti­fic work, inclu­ding col­lars with sat­teli­te tra­ckers, ear marks, num­bers or chan­ged beha­viour (such bears may at least tem­pora­ri­ly react visi­b­ly more ner­vous and afraid on human pre­sence, see spitsbergen-svalbard.com news from Octo­ber 2012). Both extent and methods of this rese­arch are regu­lar­ly met with cri­ti­zism.

Has not sur­vi­ved its mee­ting with sci­en­tists: polar bear at Meod­den, Edgeøya (© foto: Sys­sel­man­nen på Sval­bard).

Eisbär, Meodden, Edgeøya

Source: Sys­sel­man­nen

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