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Back to Iceland

(10th – 12th July 2014) − The crossing back to Iceland started in a very enjoyable way! The north Atlantic presented itself almost as calm as a lake for the first day, and the Aurora suddenly was a very pleasant place to be, also at open sea. Both the salong inside and the cockpit outside were crowded with people who were enjoying life pretty much. I could even offer my little Jan Mayen presentation, already enriched with some new photos. More than 10 days later than planned, but still not a bad thing.

Of course, this could not last forever. At least it happened to be a good sailing wind, so we could cover part of the distance to Iceland under sail. An experience that not everybody was able to appreciate fully, and soon Aurora was an almost empty boat again, except the bunks were everybody was lying and waiting for better times.

These came Saturday afternoon. Harold and Gudjon had put everything on one card and booked their flights out of Isafjördur already tonight. And it worked almost to the minute, because Siggi dropped the two off in the first harbour on the way into the fjord, so they could take the fast trip by car from there. No risk, no fun!

We others greatly enjoyed solid ground again in Isafjördur and all the advantages and pleasures that come with it. From here on, everybody went his ways. All the best to you fellow expeditioners, see you again, somewhere, sometime! And great thanks again to Siggi and Gudjon!


Group photo (Download large image file)

For me, it’s up to Spitsbergen now. Which is not always pure wellness either. But in comparison to Jan Mayen, it almost feels like it … sheltered fjords, a ship that is very comfortable in comparison, great hikes even if you do less than 20 km, and all these landscapes between Sørkapp and Sjuøyane … I am coming! 🙂

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