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Photo trip: arctic winter, Spitsbergen 2015

One intense week of arctic winter impressions in Spitsbergen in early March 2015: polar landscapes in the quickly changing light of the low sun on the boundary between polar night and midnight sun, when the light is changing from day to day. That is the purpose of our new photo trip into the arctic winter, for the first time im March 2015.

Using motor sledges (snow scooters) as effective means of transportation, we can get to various places in different areas to maximize the variation of our landscape experience and photo settings. The key is to have enough time and a small group to be flexible and make the best of whatever situation occurs. Alexander Lembke as photographic leader, Doreen Lampe as motor sledge expert and Rolf Stange will make sure we maximize our opportunities during this week.

This tour will be German speaking. Hence, the site about this tour is also German. For further information, please click here.

Foto trip in the arctic winter: glacier front frozen in fjord ice.

Foto trip in the arctic winter: glacier front

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