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Isfjord, Longyearbyen

This final day showed that winter still had the land in Isfjord in its firm grip, more so than further south. In Bellsund, we had enjoyed easy walks over snow-free tundra and even the views of some first, early flowers (Purple saxifrage). Here in Isfjord, the land is largely under deep snow down to sea level. And where the tundra is snow-free, there are mostly birds sitting – good reasons to keep excursions short at the time being. Nevertheless, very pleasant stays on the arctic tundra and good round views over outer Isfjord.

It was not exactly a complete surprise that there was still a lot of ice in the bays, so we had to make do with views of a considerable distance of the glacier front in Borebukta. But who cared after everything that the last days had given us?

After a final, short crossing of Isfjord, we went alongside in the port of Longyearbyen and thus finished the trip. Well, not yet – the swell was quite unpleasant, so soon we moved out again and dropped the anchor once more. Then it was time for a warm farewell with everybody.

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To my great pleasure, a large delivery of books also finished its trip on this day when it was moved onto dry arctic ground in Longyearbyen. Always a great and important event! I’d like to thank everybody who has given a hand with the books on their way from northeastern Germany to Longyearbyen!

last modification: 2015-06-15 · copyright: Rolf Stange