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10 short days later – warming up under the sun of Saxony and getting ready before departure today to Iceland. Hard to believe while I am sitting in tropical sunshine even here in Reykjavik that one of the potentially toughest trips of the season is just about to start. Tomorrow we will start in Isafjördur with Sigurður Jónsson and his good polar-proof boat Aurora to Jan Mayen. Three days at open sea, but the weather forecast looks quite ok, and the sea should be reasonably calm.

I am highly curious what the next days will bring. I do certainly have respect: the days on a small boat across a big, very open sea, the wild island Jan Mayen and the many kilometres that we will hike there … will we have the weather to climb Beerenberg? We will see. It will definitely be exciting and beautiful in any case. I am looking forward to the mighty beaches covered with immense amounts of driftwood, bizarre volcanic landscapes, colourful mosses and lichens on black lava rocks …

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I will probably not be able to send photos to the blog from the trip before I am back in Iceland in 2 weeks, as the satellite-based mail software does not support attachments at the time being. But that will come in late June. And on Jan Mayen, I won’t spend a lot of time with the laptop anyway!

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