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Southern west coast – 12rd Juli 2015

The day started exactly in the same way as yesterday: calm, almost mirror-like water, but dense fog. Apart from the poor visibility, conditions were again ideal for landings at unusual places, exposed, difficult to reach, usually ignored. But as calm as it was today, there should be opportunities.

Initially, the visibility threatened to make landings in polar bear country impossible, but after some careful exploration, the fog lifted at Kapp Borthen, so soon everybody was ashore in a wide, flat coastal area, an alluvial meltwater plain covered with wet tundra dominated by algae in many colours. And in the middle of this strange landscape, an even stranger artefact: the wreck of a German fighter plane, a Ju 88, that was forced to land near Kapp Borthen after having received damage during attacks on an allied convoi in September 1942. A very strange impression, this desctruction machine with a bleached-out swastika in the middle of the peaceful arctic tundra.

Photo Kapp Borthen – 12rd Juli 2015


Our weather luck functioned equally well later a bit further south in Hyttevika, at Wanny Woldstad’s famous old hut, which is so nicely hidden between some big rocks. The sun was shining on a tundra that is so green that it seems almost unreal. And ten thousands of Little auks just a few metres further up the slopes. An immense spectacle, on the rocks, in the air.

Photo Hyttevika – 12rd Juli 2015


The fog has disappeared completely as we are now entering Hornsund. The bright evening sun is shining on beautiful, famous mountains such as Hornsundtind, Luciakammen, Hyrnefjellet. Small and medium-sized icebergs everywhere in the water. Soon the anchor will fall in Adriabukta.

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