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Murchi­son­fjord – 27th July 2015

Inner Murchi­son­fjord is teasing with its wide-open land­s­capes, bar­ren but then so rich in detail, and the vicini­ty of the inland ice. So we went out, equip­ped with ther­mos bot­t­les and sand­wi­ches, fol­lowing litt­le val­leys inland. A moon land­s­cape, but so colour­ful, may­be rather a Mars land­s­cape? Pre­cam­bri­an colours turn some of the hills deeply red. Thanks to the stroma­to­li­thes, who initi­al­ly pro­du­ced all that free oxy­gen.

Pho­to Trio­da­len – 27th July 2015 – 1/2


Even the rivers seem to hide from the har­sh cli­ma­te some­ti­mes, as they build some beau­ti­ful snow brid­ges and tun­nels. Good views of the inland ice, Ves­t­fon­na. Only the begin­ning dest­ruc­tion of a hiking boot keeps us from wal­king the last bit to the ice. But to appre­cia­te the great­ness of a moun­tain (or ice cap), you have to keep a distance any­way.

Pho­to Trio­da­len – 27th July 2015 – 2/2


And seven hours of fresh air don’t lea­ve much to be desi­red. The­re is ple­nty of fresh air today, the air seems to be in a rush. We hide in a small side bay with the boat, try­ing to get a litt­le bit out of the wind. The ropes are ban­ging against the mast, making a lost of noi­se, and the anchor is audi­b­ly working to keep Arc­ti­ca II in posi­ti­on. Hope­ful­ly the wind goes down a bit.

Pho­to Far­gef­jel­let – 27th July 2015 – 1/2


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