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Ice … with a little help from my friends – 03rd August 2015

Yes, the ice keeps on keeping us busy for some time. The next dense belt of drift ice is just ahead of us. Sørkapp Land seems so close. Given these conditions, there are not many other ships in the area, but we are not the only ones now. The Hurtigruten ship MS Fram is north of us, steaming south, a fast, strong vessel with a friendly Captain. We continue behind Fram, the ship is wide enough to create a nice channel in the ice. Their passengers are enjoying the operation, and so do we. Not an everyday thing, definitely.

Photo Sørkapp – 03rd August 2015 – 1/3


After a first, dense section, the ice is getting more open. Kittywakes are fishing in Fram’s wake, and the wild scenery of Sørkapp Land provides a splendid background. And as a final highlight, a polar bear is showing up. A big, strong, proud male, battle-scarred with many scars on its face and nose.

Photo Sørkapp – 03rd August 2015 – 2/3


The wide passage around the south cape takes most of the night, and there are drift ice fields between us and the coast all of the time. Same now, in the early morning. Hornsund is in view, but behind wide ice fields. We are cruising between the ice floes, Pål is enjoying his time on the steering wheel, while I am watching for polar bears and writing this blog in between.

Photo Sørkapp – 03rd August 2015 – 3/3


We will keep a distance to Hornsund, let’s see where we end up today, probably Bellsund. A good, safe anchorage is the next thing we need, some rest for the skipper, a landing for everybody else.

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