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Tundra land & Island fjord – 06th September 2015

The country in inner Scoresbysund is mostly steep and rather alpine, and it is not easy to find a place for a longer hike. No question that we had to go out once for a good walk to get lost in the arctic nature with body and soul. Today was the day, both the terrain and the weather were perfect for it.

Photo C. Hofmann Halvo – 06th September 2015 – 1/2


The tundra is glowing in all autumn colours: the Arctic willow in green and yellow, the Dwarf birch in red and brown and the Crowberry with a red so intense as if they had an lightbulb inbuilt. The hike is taking us from one hill crowned with a huge erratic boulder to the next one, every single one inviting for shorter or longer breaks to let the eye wander over the wide tundra and the colourful mountains. A first class arctic experience, faultless polar pleasure. A snowy hare and some muskoxen are the icing on the cake.

Photo C. Hofmann Halvo – 06th September 2015 – 2/2


The passage through Øfjord makes the round trip through the inner fjords of Scoresbysund complete. 40 nautical miles through this mighty sound, where near-vertical rockwalls drop a kilometre below sea level and rise similarly high above. A feast for those interested in geology and in aesthetical structures in rocks, and those who want to be impressed by the dimensions of a huge landscape, will find their heaven here anyway.

Photo Ofjord – 06th September 2015

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