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Fjord of colours II – 05th September 2015

The display of colours at Røde Ø was impressive, but even more impressive was the bigger display of the same colours in one of the canyons further north. Normally, nature experience is not a matter of getting the same thing bigger, better or faster, but in this case, referring to the colours, this was the impression. We just went into one of these canyons without knowing how far we would get. We got amazingly far. Hundreds of metres of near vertical rockwalls to all sides, screaming dark red, crowned by a deep blue sky. An explosion of two colours, an amazing intensity.

Photo Rodefjord Canyon – 05th September 2015


Further north, muskoxen are grazing not far from the shore, then we reach a smaller outlet glacier that comes down from the inland ice. After a little climb, we get nice views down onto a crevassed glacier. On the way, an unexpected, happy meeting with a small muskoxen family. Surprise on both sides, cameras here, some moments of thinking there, then they move away. Amazing how fast these arctic, ice-age-style goats can climb up the steep slopes.

Photo Harefjord – 05th September 2015


A little evening walk into the colours of the sunset – again colours, that is just how Greenland is on a nice late summer day. Ópal is already anchored in a little bay as we arrive.

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