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Kongsfjord – 16th Sep­tem­ber 2015

The day begins as beau­ti­ful­ly as the last one ends. Kongsfjord in morning light, belts of drif­ting gla­cier ice in the sun, you have to have seen that. Kings Bay has got its name for good rea­son.
We are wel­co­med by a big rein­de­er on the shore. Tun­dra and big erra­tic boul­ders, gla­cier-polis­hed marb­le, views over wide gla­ciers and ice caps, crow­ned by the Tre Kro­ner. A roy­al sce­ne­ry.

Pho­to Kongsfjord – 16th Sep­tem­ber 2015 – 1/2


A short walk through Ny Åle­sund, sto­ries from mining, sci­ence and expe­di­ti­ons, Amund­sen in the sun, the air­s­hip mast is com­ing out of the shadow exact­ly in the right moment.

Pho­to Ny Åle­sund – 16th Sep­tem­ber 2015


We lea­ve the pier under sail, hear the com­ple­te ver­si­on of the histo­ry of arc­tic explo­ra­ti­on from Rolf out­side on deck, in the sun, under sails, nice and quiet. Once we have left the fjord, the sea is picking up a bit, and the demand for din­ner is redu­ced, while we are making 6-7 knots under sail nor­thwards.

Pho­to Kongsfjord – 16th Sep­tem­ber 2015 – 2/2


Unter Segeln ver­ließ die Anti­gua die Pier, noch im Fjord gab es von Rolf die aus­führ­li­che Fas­sung der Nord­po­l­ent­de­cker­ge­schich­ten, in der Son­ne an Deck, still unter Segeln. Vor der Küs­te mehr Dünung, die Nach­fra­ge beim Abend­essen ist redu­ziert, wäh­rend es mit 6-7 Kno­ten es nach Nor­den geht.

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