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Magdalenefjord – 17th September 2015

The day begins as beautifully as the last one ends. Magdalenejord in morning light, belts of drifting glacier ice in the sun, you have to have seen that. Did I write something like that before recently? Doesn’t matter, it is just right. Sunbeams coming like spotlights through the gaps between mountains, painting dots of light on mountain slopes, glaciers and the peninsula Gravneset, lovely.

Photo Gravneset – 17th September 2015


Later it is time to get the crampons out. There is this nice glacier in Smeerenburgfjord, gentle and without crevasses, easily accessible, surrounded by jagged mountains, good stuff.

Photo Scheibukta – 17th September 2015 – 1/2


And it is just as good to stay at anchor, silent and calm, a frosty night, evening red glowing above Danskøya in the north, the glacier rising to the south. Now we are curious if we get a northern light tonight.

Photo Scheibukta – 17th September 2015 – 2/2

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