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Isfjord – 24th September 2015

The last day of this trip with landings, incredible. For a while, you think you still have got the whole voyage ahead of you, and then the days are suddenly flying.

Today, first thing is to find a good playground for the glacier group. Ideally some crevasses in easy terrain, so Falk can install some ice screws and ropes and people can rope down. We find a good spot on Esmarkbreen and it works well, everybody is later coming back with a smile on their face.

The tundra group is taking a more silent approach, hiking 6-7 kilometres over moraines, wetlands and tundra on Erdmannflya, enjoying the panorama, some reindeer encounters, the soft colours of the autumn tundra and thinking a bit about the immense time scale of earth history. A 46 m long rope makes it easy to get a good idea of it.

We cross Isfjord under full sail. What a beautiful view! Compared to that, some other ships look like floating greenhouses …

For our last landing in Colesbukta, nature has turned the light on again, full power, turning the old, long-abandoned Russian settlement into an arctic red light quarter. Too beautiful for a lot of talking. I wanted to talk about the history of the Russian settlements in Spitsbergen and the Spitsbergen treaty, but that does not really work. Colours and light are just too breathtaking.

Gallery Isfjord – 24th September 2015

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In the later evening, we go alongside in Longyearbyen.

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