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Forlandsund – 27th September 2015

A day in Longyearbyen, which can at least partially be spent with doing nothing, is always a good thing. So yesterday we could start again with fresh motivation and energy.

A calm day in Forlandsund, with light snowfall we walk over the coastal plain between Isfjord and St. Jonsfjord. Lovely coastal scenery, reindeer antlers, everything covered with a thin fresh white layer.

Photo Eidembukta 27th September 2015


The Poolepynten Swimming Club is somewhere else, but Dahlbreen presents itself with colours that somehow display an amazing combination of softness and intensity. Beautiful, clear light.

Photo Dahlbreen 27th September 2015


Spitsbergen seems to switch from autumn to winter now. We will probably get quite a bit of wind for some days, starting tonight. Could be good sailing wind. We are quite curious what the upcoming days will bring.

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