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Isfjord II – 03rd October 2015

There were no northern lights last night, but apart from that, it was a very nice evening in Pyramiden, nice and calm.

We spent a nice, long morning there, there is so much to see and to do in Pyramiden, and the photographers can never have enough time.

Nordenskiöldbreen was to be this trip’s final highlight. I could almost get a bit sentimental now. Also because this glacier has shrunk so dramatically since I have seen in for the first time in 1997.

And now we are motoring the last miles back to Longyearbyen, into another colourful sunset. The final miles of this trip, the last miles of a long arctic season. I should calculate how many miles we have done, altogether. Four trips on Antigua, then there was Arctica II, and of course Jan Mayen and East Greenland. In a few hours, when we are alongside, this season’s polar ship-based trips are history, as far as I am concerned (and almost everybody else has already left a good while ago). Of course, there is still the Lofoten trip on Antigua in late October, but that is not the high Arctic. No polar bears, no walrusses, no tundra, no rifles, no Zodiacs (well, maybe occasionally).

Gallery Isfjord II – 03rd October 2015

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No reason to be sad, still. This year’s Spitsbergen time is not over yet, I still have some time here, shore-based. Calm time in Longyearbyen. Nice light, nice people, and hopefully some productive creativity.

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