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Skrova, the Polar Light Centre in Laukvik and Svolvær – 05th November 2015

Today was the day! We started by hiking over the island of Skrova in the most beautiful weather, many went up on top of Skrovafjellet, 285 m above Vestfjord, with a view that is just great.

The same applied to the passage into the port of Svolvær in the early afternoon. Sunset at 3 p.m. Liquid gold over boats, houses and mountains.

The Northern Light Centre in Laukvik on the northern side of the island Austvågøy (which has Svolvær on the southern side) was next on our plan. Rob and Therese from the Netherlands have chosen this lovely, silent spot for their own private northern light institute, with little light pollution and a free view to all directions, especially to the north. Their passion for the aurora polaris (a collective term for the polar light in north and south, does that term actually exist or have I just made it up? I don’t know) is impressive, and so is Rob’s collection of technical instruments, which he is using constantly to make „direct contact with the sun“, as he puts it. And indeed, his short message info service has been very useful over the last couple of days, keeping us updated about solar and magnetic activity and our chances to see northern lights.

Indeed, Rob’s connection to the sun is good and direct enough to prompt a northern light there and then. But maybe he has forgotten to pass the message on also to the weather God, who is promptly pushing some clouds between us and the beloved aurora. But a bit later, during the bus back to Svolvær, we get a splendid northern light show above nice mountain ridges; I guess more than one was thinking about hijacking the bus, stopping instantly and jumping out onto the road with camera and tripod.

Gallery Skrova

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But that was indeed not necessary. Later that night, we got an impressive and beautiful display of the northern light which could be perfectly seen from Svolvær.

By the way, for those interested in the matter, have a look at these links to sites within my website:

And of course you should visit the Polar Light Centre in Laukvik on the internet or – much better – in real life, in Laukvik.

All in all: the day today was our day, it was important and great! ☺

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