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Looking back at 2015 – April

This is one of the most beautiful seasons up north. The weather tends to settle a bit, and the otherwise quite inaccessible inland is inviting to long trips. We did not need to be told twice and we spent a lot of time out there, including several trips to our beloved east coast. It is difficult to point out that one outstanding single event, it is a matter of all those many everyday impressions in the winter arctic, those many hours under the open sky, in cold air, the ever-changing light, encounters with polar foxes and the Spitsbergen reindeer. And of course spending time with good friends and meeting other good and interesting people in Longyearbyen. All this makes the time pass very quickly. Soon the midnight sun is killing the last dark nights.

And if you want that one outstanding experience, then it is probably our meeting with a polar bear family in Billefjord. This will definitely remain amongst our dearest memories. And it solved the problem of a title photo for our Spitsbergen calendar 2016.

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Spitsbergen made it into international news agin when Russian vice premier Rogosin made an unheralded visit. He is persona non grata in Norway and the EU due to the Ukraine conflict. This brought the question up how Norway could protect Svalbard’s boundaries more efficiently (sounds familiar these days, doesn’t it?). If Norway is actually entitled to deny entry to Svalbard to a citizen of a treaty country, is another question.

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