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Pyramiden – February 2016

After our arctic weekend in Spiceborough (Würzburg, haha) things happened quickly: from the presentation screen to the train station, train, airport, plane, airport, hotel, airport, plane, and then suddenly … Spitsbergen. Stop, before I got that far I got a brief glimpse of mainland Norway’s northernmost coast. In the far background, you can almost see the North Cape (use a bit of fantasy and then you will see it), but this long, narrow island under the wing tip and a little bit to the right, that is Fugløya. We will be sailing there in late May with Antigua and then set course for Bear Island … but that is another story, a summer story. First, arctic winter. Although it is a strange winter, with little snow and very little ice in the west coast fjords. Some scientists believe that it may have to do with El Niño, the temporary change ocean currents in the Pacific, which has consequences for the climate of the whole globe. But it would be hard not to think of longer-lasting climate change as well. Of course, there have always been bad ice years every now and then. But the long-term tendency? That is pretty clear.

Gallery – Pyramiden – February 2016

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I am joining a camera team. My job is not in front of the camera this time, but behind. One of our first trips takes us to Pyramiden. Fascinating as always, but different: parts of the place are a skating rink. Very little snow, lots of ice. And no Sascha. But he will be back within a few days. We have been to Pyramiden even before Sascha came! Yoho!

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