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Railway locomotive from Ny Ålesund under restoration

The famous railway locomotive from Ny Ålesund is one of Spitsbergen’s most frequently photographed attractions. No surprise, as the this interesting bit of local history is picturesquely placed with mountains and glaciers in the background and next to a road where thousands of cruise ship tourists are walking each summer.

Time and weather have, however, been nagging constantly, threatening to destroy this famous bit of machinery forever. To prevent this, it is now in Norway for restoration. In January, it went from Ny Ålesund to Tromsø on a ship and then from there on the road through Sweden to Sørumsand near Oslo. There, it will be taken care of by railway enthusiasts who have built up experience and reputation with other historical railway projects. It is estimated that the Ny Ålesund locomotive will need 300 work hours and 500.000 NOK (near 40.000 Euro) to get back to shape. After restoration is completed, it will be be transferred back home to Ny Ålesund. It is uncertain when this can be expected. Maybe tourists will see the famous coal train in Ny Ålesund without the locomotive this summer.

The locomotive is 107 years old and 8 tons heavy. It came to Ny Ålesund in 1917 and was used for coal transportation from the mine to the harbour into the 1950s. It was restored once on location in 1982. Planning for the current restoration project started 3 years ago.

The famous locomotive in Ny Ålesund, as it has been from the 1950s to 2015. It is currently in Norway for restoration.

Locomotive Ny Ålesund

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