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spitsbergen-svalbard.com Easter brainteaser

Amendment: Maybe it is more difficult than I had thought? A hint: the key is in the photo and not in the caption.

The second Easter brainteaser on spitsbergen-svalbard.com. Yes! The photo below was taken long time ago by an unknown photographer and used in a newspaper article, that does not exist anymore, other than this photo. Name and date of the publication are also unknown. But that does not matter!

The caption indicates that this photo was published at a time when sovereignty and land tenure were still uncertain, but the coal occurrences were well known. This sets the time frame into the early 20th century, about 100 years back. This is also what the article must have been about: coal and sovereignty. The caption is as follows (translation of the German original text)

“Picture of the harbour of Spitsbergen, which the Russians want to possess as a coal mine.

The Spitsbergen archipelago, stretching from 76° to 80° northern latitude, is very rich in coal. The desire of the Russians to establish a coal mine there is strongly opposed especially by the Scandinavian countries.”

The question is: where exactly was the photo taken?

Click here for a larger version of the image.

The prices will be drawn amongst all senders of correct answers. The winner will have one free choice from the books (or calendar or postcards) here on spitsbergen-svalbard.com – see right side or click here to see the choice. Senders of right answers no. 2 and 3 will have one free choice each amongst the postcards or the calendar. Click here for contact details to send your answer.

Closing date is Sunday, 03 April 2016, 2400 hours.

Good luck and have fun – happy Easter!

Where is this?

spitsbergen-svalbard.com Easter brainteaser: where is this?

Small print: colleagues such as expedition leaders, guides and crew members are excluded from the drawing for prices. You can, of course, send your answers, but the prices will go to people who are not (semi)professionally involved with traveling Spitsbergen.

The answer has to be correct and concrete. Everything that is not wrong is correct, unless it is wrong. I (Rolf Stange) decide if it is correct and concrete (someone has to do it). It is not enough to write that it is in Spitsbergen. This would be correct, but not concrete.

last modification: 2016-03-30 · copyright: Rolf Stange