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Bodø – 20th May 2016

It is a rapid change from winter to summer. It is not long ago that we went to Barentsburg by snow mobile, and today is the start of the northern summer for me. Quite a special summer, my 20th one, counting Spitsbergen summers. I am a bit proud of it, but it makes me feel a bit old at the same time. Well, that is just how it is.
Yesterday I came to Bodø, crossing the arctic circle at an altitude of 30000 feet (give or take a few, I did not check). I have not seen the arctic circle, but I know it was there, far below us.

Good old Antigua was waiting alongside in the harbour of Bodø. Or rather, good new Antigua. The ship has changed quite a bit since I have seen her for the last time in November. Same place, by the way, but quite different. Back then, it was dark and cold. Now, it is warm and sunny, very pleasant. I was quite curious to see her now, 8 m longer. And indeed, the middle deck resembles a football field. Well, in comparison. The new cabins are also quite impressive.

Old friends and new faces, good spirits, a happy start into a new season. Vestfjorden is also in good shape, the 40 nautical miles (give or take a few, I did not check) are pure pleasure, sitting on deck in the sun. The famous Lofotveggen, the chain of mountains that makes up the islands which are rising from the sea like a wall, are slowly coming closer, the outliers Mosken and Værøy in the beautiful light of the evening sun.

Gallery – Bodø – 20th May 2016

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It is late as we getting near the harbour of Reine, and just as we are about to enter, we meet a pod of Orca. We stay with them for a little while. A big male with an impressive dorsal fin and several smaller ones, including a calf or two.

It could stay like this for the whole summer 🙂

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