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Reine & Nusfjord – 21st May 2016

Rainy day, dream away, let the sunshine take a holiday … I guess Jimi Hendrix did not think of Lofoten when he wrote that. Or maybe he did? On some days, it would certainly fit. Today was one of these days.

This did not keep us – well, some of us – to climb up to an altitude of 438 m above Reine to enjoy the view. And it was worth it! Initially, it was just grey, but then the clouds opened up for some precious minutes. The view of Reine from the mountain is amazing.

Gallery – Reine & Nusfjord – 21st May 2016

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Then the curtain went down again, and so did we.
After an afternoon visit to Nusfjord, we continued to Kabelvåg.

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