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Kongsfjord – 04th August 2016

After a quiet morning on board with great views of the hanging glaciers on Prins Karls Forland and a bit of geological infotainment (what a stupid word! It was a presentation, or a lecture, if you prefer that. Period.) we reached Kongsfjorden. Both Kongsfjordbutikken and airship mast have a remarkable drawing power also for advanced Spitsbergen travellers. And we want to re-fill diesel anyway, to be able to reach the remotest parts of the Svalbard archipelago should the opportunity arise. We will see what the weather tells us to do.

The great weather with light exactly from the right direction made an excursion to the glaciers almost mandatory. Arctica II under sail near Kongsvegen, some of Spitsbergen’s most impressive mountains in the background, all in sunshine, and then a big calving just behind the boat. An amazing scene, a spectacle, almost too much for the senses.

The weather is still fine, but supposed to turn to the worse tomorrow. So we ignore time and tiredness but head of for some good hiking on Blomstrandhalvøya. Well-known terrain, you should think. But even here, there is always something new to discover. One group takes off for some mountain hiking, enjoying fine views of the surrounding glaciers and mountains from an elevated position. The others do some caving. Not without success.

Gallery Kongsfjord – 04th August 2016

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It is late as everybody comes back on board. Breakfast is delayed next morning and not really synchronized. We are already back to the west coast, heading north, as we get up one by one.

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