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Hinlopen Strait II – 13th August 2016

Miracles of Hinlopen Strait! Today was a day of wildlife. Brünich’s guillemots in amazing numbers – you know the place, we have been there before, more than once. But Alkefjellet is and remains exciting. It is different every time. This time, a lot of the chicks were already on the water, ready to start the long trip to south Greenland together with their fathers.

It is probably less well known where you can find puffins in Hinlopen Strait 🙂

We saw four polar bears today. A mother with a cup up on a hill slope, quite distant. We got a bit closer to this well-fed guy who was spending the afternoon on a very green slope. The veggie food seemed to to him well. Of course we don’t know what else he may have had recently.

Gallery – Hinlopen Strait II – 13th August 2016

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We do know, however, that people are supposed to keep some distance from walrusses. But nice that the walrusses don’t always know that 🙂

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