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Kvalsund – 30th Oktober 2016

Sometimes you can fit a trip into a day. People often say at the end of a good day that they might go home tomorrow. That is obviously just a joke and not meant seriously.

Today, however, you might say that and actually almost even mean it (almost). It was just 24 hours ago that everybody came on board in Tromsø, we left from there just 12 hours ago. Since then, we spent a good part of the day watching orcas. Not just a few, not just 2 or 3 dozens, but in large numbers. There may easily have been 200 of them, they were all over the place.

And we were at the right place at the right time 

8 a.m. sunrise, 3 p.m. sunset. And we already had our first northern lights in the afternoon. Not too strong, hard to photograph as the ship was moving, but beautiful to see.

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Now it feels as midnight. But it is just about dinnertime …

It almost does not matter anymore what the next days will bring: in the end, it will have been a good trip.

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