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Longyearbyen – 16th November, 2016

Again, the blog had to wait for a wile. Busy times, even in the polar night. You have to be ready to get out, to look for, enjoy and photograph northern lights at any time. Hard life. There is no snow, unfortunately. Hard to believe, here in Spitsbergen in mid November! But the aurora is beautiful, even without snow. And lady aurora has a lot of ardent worshippers. They meet out there when she is dancing on the sky and later on the internet, sharing and enjoying the results.

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And of course people are setting their minds for Christmas up here as well. The second half of November is the time for the traditional julemesse, the Christmas market. Without hot spiced wine – we are in Norway, and the Norwegians would never touch alcohol, would they? Well … right … But there is an amazingly high proportion of locally made products, from self-made stollen („bestemors tyske julebrød“, meaning „grandma’s German Christmas bread“ 🙂 ) through photos and various knitted materials to Wolfi’s lovely cutting boards, made by master craftsman Wolfgang Zach in his workshop between the fjord and Sysselmannen. The arctic under your breakfast bread, represented by polar bear, whale, walrus or Spitsbergen. Maybe I have to export a box and make it available, what do you think?

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