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Longyearbreen – 20th November 2016

I may have mentioned it before: the polar night is not exactly the time for frequent long field trips. You can easily enjoy the nice light and atmosphere within Longyearbyen. And if there is a northern light there are good places directly next to town. If you want some exercise, then the sportshall or running shoes are good options. At least as long as there is not enough snow for ski or snow shoes.

And when you do venture on a hike in the darkness, then the terrain does currently not make it easy. Large parts of the surface in the valleys are iced over and very slippery. Which is hard to see in darkness. So you have to walk slowly and carefully.

All this makes it even more interesting to imagine how it was when Alfred Ritscher came on foot down from Wijdefjord to Longyearbyen, which was called Longyear City back then. In December 1912, Ritscher made an unbelievable hike under the greatest difficulties and dangers you can imagine. He did not have a detailed map, he did not know the terrain, he did not have a headlamp which he could switch on whenever needed …

Gallery – Longyearbreen – 20th November 2016

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Well, we did not want to go that far. We were happy with a walk up to Longyearbreen. That is a short and (relatively) easy walk when you have light and normal conditions, I have done it with friends together with their little children. But in the polar night, it is interesting. And beautiful!

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