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Arctic masterpiece at Diabasodden: no firewood, no fuel

It was a masterpiece or rather quite the opposite: a group of four persons, probably locals from Longyearbyen, had already spent some days in a hut at Diabasodden in Sassenfjord. One of their snow mobiles seems to have got a technical issue. The next thing was that the group was running out of firewood, so two persons started to drive back to Longyearbyen to get help for the defect snow mobile or new firewood.

But in Adventdalen, not too far from Longyearbyen, the two ran out of fuel. It is not known who it was that called the Sysselmannen, but the case eventually became a rescue operation involving the Sysselmammen’s helicopter, which flew to Diabasodden to pick up those who had remained in the hut without firewood.

Meanwhile, the two persons in Adventdalen had managed to get back to Longyearbyen on their own strength.

Not all details are known in public, so it is a bit difficult to understand what really happened. But the group is certainly now attracting a lot of mockery in Longyearbyen and probably a reaction from the Sysselmannen, who is not keen on sending out the helicopter because people are running out of firewood and fuel on a trip to a hut not too far from Longyearbyen.

The hut at Diabasodden, near 40 km drive by snow mobile from Longyearbyen on the most common route.


Source: Svalbardposten

last modification: 2017-01-12 · copyright: Rolf Stange