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Avalanche in Longyearbyen

On Tuesday mid day, an avalanche from the mountain Sukkertoppen hit houses in Longyearbyen and destroyed two buildings in way 228, close to the position of those houses that were destroyed during the avalanche in December 2015. Two lives were lost in 2015.

This time, people have escaped with luck. As far as is known so far, there is no injury or loss of life.

There had been strong easterly winds and drifting snow since Monday evening, a weather situation similar to that before the 2015 avalanche. The local administration had issued an avalanche warning with the conclusion that infrastructure and buildings in Longyearbyen were not at risk. This evaluation was obviously wrong.

Those directly concerned experienced some dramatic moments, but escaped with some luck.

The area hit and other ways that might be at risk as well as the pedestrian bridge Perleporten are closed until further notice from official side.

Place where the avalanche accident occurred

Lawinenunglück 21.02.2017

Source: Svalbardposten

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