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Kongsfjord – 30th July 2017

We want to take things as they come, and that is really the way to do it. It couldn’t be any better. It remains calm in northern Forlandsund, so we make a little morning walk on Prins Karls Forland, enjoying some great views on the wild mountain and glacier scenery from a moraine ridge.

Later, we make a stop in Ny-Ålesund, for some sightseeing, shopping and to fill up the diesel tanks. Now we are ready for whatever is waiting for us!

Gallery – Kongsfjord – 30th July 2017

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The day is not yet old enough to call it a day, so we make another landing, the third one today, to climb up to a bird cliff in Kongsfjord. Admittedly, it is a bit hard after dinner to climb up, but it is all worth it, as we have several hundred Brünich’s guillemots and kittywakes close to us in the end. Not to mention the polar fox family who are enjoying their good summer life just in front of us!

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