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Sysselmannen takes action against drugs in Longyearbyen

Longyearbyen is not entirely free of drugs, as most places where humans live. Apart from the Scandinavian style of alcohol consumption, which may be noteworthy as seen from a central-European perspective, there are also harder drugs. It is not a secret in Longyearbyen that there is more or less regular consumption of hemp in certain circles.

Every couple of years, whenever it is considered necessary, the Sysselmannen takes action against drugs, amongst others with searching and detention of those found responsible for keeping the scene alive. In the past, this has even led to the expulsion of people from Svalbard, with an entry ban for a certain period such as two years. In modern times, banishment is certainly rather unusual in jurisdiction in western countries, but this instrument is kept available in Svalbard to protect the small and geographically isolated community. The authorities are aware of the danger of drugs for bored youngsters in the long polar winter in a small place like Longyearbyen.

The subject is currently coming up again. Last weekend, the Sysselmannen has searched places and people with help from police forces from mainland Norway, including a trained police dog from Oslo. Three persons were taken in custody. The investigation will be continued.

Typical environments where hemp has been found in Longyearbyen in the past are youngsters and students. This time, people who are in the focus of police attention belong to the tourism industry. There is mention of drugs harder than hemp, but no further information has been released so far.

Drugs in the Arctic? As if nature itself was not exciting enough!

Drugs in the Arctic

Source: Svalbardposten

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