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1600 liters of diesel lost in Mimerdalen

1600 litres of diesel were lost on Friday during a helicopter flight in Mimerdalen near Pyramiden. The fuel was hanging under the helicopter to be transported to a station on a mountain west of Pyramiden operated by Longyearbyen airport for aerial navigation.

A rope broke during the flight, so the diesel fell down and crashed on the gravel plain of the river bed. It could not be retrieved and was lost in the environment: in the river gravel, one of the many small rivers or finally in the fjord.

The helicopter was operated by Lufttransport, a company that is also responsible for the helicopter logistics of the Sysselmannen, including Search and Rescue operations. The incident is currently under investigation.

Mimerdalen near Pyramiden, where 1600 litres of Diesel were lost from a helicopter on Friday.


Quelle: Svalbardposten

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