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1600 liters of die­sel lost in Mimerd­a­len

1600 lit­res of die­sel were lost on Fri­day during a heli­c­op­ter flight in Mimerd­a­len near Pyra­mi­den. The fuel was han­ging under the heli­c­op­ter to be trans­por­ted to a sta­ti­on on a moun­tain west of Pyra­mi­den ope­ra­ted by Lon­gye­ar­by­en air­port for aeri­al navi­ga­ti­on.

A rope bro­ke during the flight, so the die­sel fell down and cra­s­hed on the gra­vel plain of the river bed. It could not be retrie­ved and was lost in the envi­ron­ment: in the river gra­vel, one of the many small rivers or final­ly in the fjord.

The heli­c­op­ter was ope­ra­ted by Luft­trans­port, a com­pa­ny that is also respon­si­ble for the heli­c­op­ter logi­stics of the Sys­sel­man­nen, inclu­ding Search and Res­cue ope­ra­ti­ons. The inci­dent is curr­ent­ly under inves­ti­ga­ti­on.

Mimerd­a­len near Pyra­mi­den, whe­re 1600 lit­res of Die­sel were lost from a heli­c­op­ter on Fri­day.


Quel­le: Sval­bard­pos­ten

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