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Born in Sauna: Alexander Lembke’s Sauna exhibition opened in Tampere

Alexander Lembke is well known to many who have travelled with us in recent years in Spitsbergen. Many have heard about his project of science, photography and practical use of the Finnish sauna.

Now, the project has reached a (preliminary) climax: the exhibition “Sauna Syntyneet (Born in Sauna)” was opened on Friday, October 13, in Tampere in Finland. The exhibition was supported by organizations including the Goethe-Institut, the town of Tampere and the Finnish Sauna Society. Their representatives were present at the opening and held speaches.

Alexander’s work is about the important role of sauna in Finnish culture, history and society. The current exhibition is about people who were actually born in a sauna. A sauna is regularly heated and cleaned and it is a place of spirituality, which altogether makes it a place well suited of events such as giving birth. People were born in sauna in Finland also in recent years, also it is much less common than in the more distant past. The exhibition shows large portraits of people who were born in sauna. In poetic films, they tell their stories about their individual relationship to the sauna and their sauna rituals. The youngest person portraited in the exhibition is 5 years old now, the oldest one is 102! Some of these people, who were born in sauna, were present during the opening.

If you happen to come to Tampere until November 24, 2017, then you have got the opportunity to visit the exhibition “Saunassa Syntyneet (Born in Sauna)”.

Alexander Lembke during the opeing of the exhibition “Saunassa Syntyneet (Born in Sauna)” on Friday in Tampere.

Exhibition Saunassa Syntyneet (Born in Sauna), Alexander Lembke, Tampere.

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