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The Spitsbergen-calender 2018: northern lights over Longyearbyen in December

The northern light is for the polar night what the polar bears are for the summer: everybody wants to see them. The northern light, or Aurora borealis, is indeed a majestic phenomenon! If you have ever seen a real one, you will for sure not forget it. There is an info page about northern lights and northern light photography on this website, by the way. The season is about to begin.

Actually, Longyearbyen is not even the best place to see northern lights. If you are on an Aurora mission, then northern Scandinavia may be just as good, if not better. But of course you can see fantastic northern lights in Spitsbergen! With some luck, you can even see then mid-day. This dayside aurora is comparatively rare, but they do happen. Hard to believe, but true! This requires real darkness 24 hours a day, and that is what you get in Longyearbyen from late November to early January.

The December-photo of our Spitsbergen-calendar 2018 was taken early evening. We went around in Longyearbyen with a TV team and they wanted norhtern lights – of course. Risky business if you don’t have more time than just a very few days! Maybe you are lucky, maybe not … both the weather and the aurora activity have to be on your side. We had already been around for a long evening without seeing more than dark clouds. A day later, things were more promising. And suddenly, the sky exploded over Longyearbyen! It was indeed one of my better Aurora moments in Spitsbergen. The photo does not even show the strongest northern light of that evening, but Lady Aurora was dancing above this part of the iconic coal cableway and Platåberget, a very characteristic and well-known mountain right next to Longyearbyen.

Spitsbergen-Calender 2018: December. Northern light above Longyearbyen

Spitsbergen-Calender 2018: December. Northern light above Longyearbyen.

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