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Tromsø – 29th October 2017

How do you see that the summer is over? When Antigua is back in Tromsø after several months in Spitsbergen. When the sun is going down under the horizon at 3 p.m. When you have to clean the snow away on deck 5 times a day. When you see a lot of old friends from Spitsbergen alongside in the harbour in Tromsø: the Cape Race, the Polargirl, the Aurora Explora, they are all here. Good old Norderlicht is alongside Antigua.

The light comes and goes with the snowshowers, grey clouds alternate with soft sunlight. Sometimes there is no visibility at all, sometimes the colourful wooden houses are reflected on the mirror-like water surface. People are coming to the ship through the snow one by one, handing bags and suitcases over before they come on board. Then we are complete, passengers and crew. We gather in the salong, welcome on board! We talk about life on the ship and the plans for the upcoming days and enjoy the first dinner of the trip. Sascha has prepared salmon. Good stuff!

Gallery – Tromsø – 29th October 2017

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After dinner, we talk about northern light photography and have a look at the cameras. It is completely cloudy now, but we have got a whole week, so there are very realistic chances for a clear evening and then … fingers crossed!

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