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Tampere – 13th October 2017

You may have noticed that this is about Tampere, which is not in Spitsbergen. It is actually in Finland! Far down south!

Yes, true. But those who have been with Rolf Stange and Alexander Lembke in Spitsbergen in recent years, on the sailing ship Antigua or in Pyramiden, will know that there is a connection. If you have shared some chocolate with Alex on the tundra or a beer in the evening, then you will have heard Alex talking about the Finnish sauna. He has been working intensely with it for years. Of course also enjoying the very pleasant practical aspects, but mainly researching its cultural and historical sides. One preliminary result of this never-ending project is an exhibition that was not about to be opened in Tampere. (For some impressions of the actual opening, click here – Born in Sauna).

Gallery – Tampere – 13th October 2017

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I could, of course, not miss the opportunity to take the trip to Finland. Before the actual opening, I still had a little bit of time for an excursion into the famous Finnish landscape of forests and lakes. It was a bit exotic for me: lots of trees! But you get used to it. So before we get to the actual exhibition, we have got some impressions from the Finnish forests. There was no time for longer trips, it is all from a walk close to Tampere.

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