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Reviewing 2017, May: Bear Island – Perleporten

In May, we started the arctic summer season a.k.a. sailing season on good old SV Antigua. We took off in Bodø in north Norway and spent a couple of lovely days in Lofoten and Vesterålen, before we ventured north across the Barents Sea. I have to admit that I did not expect too much from this year’s visit to Bear Island (Bjørnøya), based on the weather forecast that we had when we left Tromsø. But it was so good that we ended up spending two days rather than just one at Bear Island!

After a first landing, we made a record-breaking Zodiac cruise of several miles around the south tip of the island. Usually a pretty rough place, but friendly today and always spectacular with its immense numbers of seabirds, towering cliffs, rock stacks and coastal caves. We managed amongst others to do the stunning passage of Perleporten, a coastal cave that is said to be about 170 metres long – yeah! And on the next day, we even got a surprise invitation to visit the weather station 🙂

Bear Island: Perleporten

Coastal scenery on Bear Island: passage of Perleporten.

Of course we still had some great days further north in Spitsbergen, but Bear Island is really something special and it did definitely not disappoint this time.

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