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Arctic travel blog in the far south: Antarctica, Patagonia

I have been asked why there has been no arctic travel blog in a while. The reason is short and conclusive: I have not been in the Arctic recently. I have been in Antarctica and Patagonia – you couldn’t be much further away from the Arctic, yet very familiar! So, there has indeed been a recent and well-fed travel blog, just from the deep south and not from the high north and accordingly on a different website (antarctic.eu, click here to get there).

The arctic travel blog will be continued in a few weeks from now, when we start the northern season under sail early in the second half of May.

Travel blog Patagonia

Supercool landscapes with trees? Hard to believe, but that exists! Click here to have a look at the travel blog Patagonia. But don’t worry, there is also a lot of supercool landscapes without trees in the same travel blog, from Antarctica.

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