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HomeArctic blog: Jan Mayen, Spitsbergen → Murch­ison­fjord & Sorg­fjord – 15 Sep­tem­ber 2018

Murch­ison­fjord & Sorg­fjord – 15 Sep­tem­ber 2018

The­re must have been hundreds of Rus­si­an cros­ses in Spits­ber­gen cen­tu­ries ago, built by the Pomors near their hun­ting sta­ti­ons. Nowa­days the­re are only two of them left and still stan­ding, both on litt­le islands in Murch­ison­fjord. One of them is our desti­na­ti­on for the mor­ning.

Nordre Russeøya, Murchisonfjord

Rus­si­an cross, Nord­re Russeøya/ Murch­ison­fjord

Snow is lying on the ground and the­re is the smell of win­ter in the air, a fee­ling even enhan­ced by the yel­lo­wish light of the low sun. We take stun­ning arc­tic win­ter impres­si­ons and some lar­ge fishing nets back on board after the landing.

Nordre Russeøya, Murchisonfjord

In Sorg­fjord, the clouds have dis­ap­peared almost com­ple­te­ly, the sun is low on the blue sky. The snow-cover­ed land is shi­ning in colours some­whe­re bet­ween white, blue and red.

Crozierpynten, Sorgfjord

Cro­zier­pyn­ten on the Eas­tern side of Sorg­fjord

Crozierpynten, Sorgfjord



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