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Storm- and avalanche warnings in Longyearbyen

The weather forecast for the next 2 days promises storm and snow for Longyearbyen. The highest wind speeds are expected for Thursday night with velocities up to 26 metres per second (90 km/h or 60 mph, force 10 on the Beaufort scale).

These conditions mean that there will be a very high risk of avalanches.

Public institutions such as schools will remain closed and houses in several areas in Longyearbyen will be evacuated from Thursday 8 a.m. This concerns houses in way 228 and on the west side of the road in Nybyen, according to orders issued by the Sysselmannen. More than 100 persons are concerned by these evacuations.

Longyearbyen storm and avalanche warnings

Weather forecast according to yr.no for Longyearbyen: Storm, snow and avalanche risk.

Everybody is requested to take due precautions and to stay away from areas exposed to avalanche risk.

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