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Forlandsund – 07th June 2019

It is lovely to return to the tundra after so much snow and ice further north. There is, of course, still a lot of snow also at sea level here at the central west coast, but the snow-free patches of vegetation are getting larger and larger, to the delight of geese and reindeer, which are here in numbers. We have even found some early flowers of the purple saxifrage!

We are in Eidembukta and venture out in three groups for a little walk, following the beautiful coastline and hiking to some low hills for the views. As always, Ingolf manages to find some interesting birds, such as the first grey phalaropes of the trip, and even some common scoters. And there are geese, mainly barnacle geese, and of course plenty of reindeer. In some places the snow is still deep enough to make walking a bit challenging, but it is good fun at the same time and of course it is good to burn some calories …

Later we move up to St. Jonsfjord, where we have a look at the fast ice edge and then drop the anchor near Gaffelbreen. Also here, we go for a walk. Some enjoy the views of the glacier from the moraine ridge, while others visit a little hut, built from driftwood logs.

Gallery – Forlandsund – 07th June 2019

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Back on Antigua, it is time to celebrate. It was – and still is – a great trip. Annika, Christin and Jana have prepared a little party for everybody, and Sascha is making sure that the BBQ is on and red-hot, with plenty of goodies. A big thanks to all of you – it is a great evening in good company and stunning surroundings!

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